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Welcome to Avvartes Partners!

Our focus is your human capital. Our approach is unique and different. We are partners based around the globe with a common aim: to work with you to understand and improve your business.

About Avvartes Partners

We understand global trends. We specialise in change. We recognise that in this age of disruption, it is often a challenge for the leaders of today to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Changes in technology, culture, our environment and economics drive changes in values, behaviours and expectations. To lead through these changes requires values and a range of skills -agility, flexibility, humanity and openness.

We believe that leaders are strongly rooted in, and servants of a greater cause, as we are servants of the causes of our clients.

There are global human truths, which support our belief that great Human Capital strategies and practices travel well. It is not about large financial investment. It is about knowing how.

What we do

We design and deliver international human capital projects to generate a competitive edge for success and measurable revenue growth for our clients.

Leadership & Leadership Development

Team Development

Organizational Change

Global & Local Human Capital Strategies

Executive and Team Coaching

Geographic Business Expansion

Engagement & Culture

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Leadership & leadership development

We help you to assess and develop the capabilities of your current and future leaders at all levels, across all geographies and across all functions.

Team development

We work with leadership teams on team dynamics and performance, supporting clarity of and commitment to your business strategy.

Organizational change

We support your people and your business to transition successfully to the future.

Engagement and culture change

We work with your leaders to strengthen engagement and lead culture change, to support financial and operational excellence.

Executive and team coaching

We partner with your leaders to build on their strengths and unlock and address their development needs.

Geographic business expansion

We support our clients in successfully expanding their businesses into new geographies. We provide access to the critical HR skills around the globe that are essential to quickly establishing highly effective teams.

Global & local human capital strategies

We support our clients in scoping and defining their human capital strategies. The world has become much more global and interdependent and local at the same time. We work with our clients to find the right balance in global and local human capital strategies. It is this global / local balance, that brings commitment and results.

We believe in the power of conversations, so, since the very beginning, we build knowledge and actions with our clients.

Why Avvartes Partners


We are deeply rooted.

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  • We have an intimate knowledge of the countries and regions in which we are based.
  • We understand the cultural and linguistic nuances that make each of our areas of the globe unique and special.
  • We have solid ‘client side’ experience and understand the demands for peak performance.
  • We work tirelessly to serve the greater good through our values of Integrity, Generosity and Passion.
  • We ensure the work is serious but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We have a global reach.

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  • We are based in every corner of the globe.
  • We travel extensively to ensure personal service to our clients.
  • We are highly responsive, smart and user-friendly.
  • We work as a high performance team to support local understanding and global strategy.
  • We foster large-scale impact with a personable, tailored touch.

We create powerful results.

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  • We bring agility, sustainability, collaboration and results.
  • We build links between conscious leadership and organization culture for long-term sustainability.
  • We ignite a passion that engages people and creates meaningful transformation.
  • We stay focused on the bottom line while developing potential in people.
  • We deliver excellent value for money, harnessing our network whilst minimising costs.

How We Work


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We are always respectful of client confidentiality and ensure the safety of our client’s information.

We will only embark upon obligations when we feel we can genuinely contribute and add value.

Our fees are based on the market standards in the countries or regions where our services are delivered.


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We share our insights and many years of global experience without hesitation.

We leverage our diverse roots and our global reach to develop solutions which are innovative, effective and will maximize your results.


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We work closely with our clients to understand and respect the organizational needs and to design and develop tailor-made solutions that have a swift but lasting impact.

We engage and enable leaders, employees and teams of our clients, as they hold the keys to embedding the desired change.

We use a combination of proven tools and methods and our own experience, insights and intuition, recognizing that the dynamics of today’s business challenges require solutions that embody innovation, rigorous thinking and effective application.