“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou


Els has a strong passion for people and culture that enables organisations to grow, teams to collaborate and talent to thrive. With life experience in many countries around the world and 5 working languages, Els brings a truly global approach to her work.

Els has developed broad HR expertise in world class companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Generali and Cisco. As such, she has worked with global leaders and teams in technology, health, insurance and other industries. She has helped people and organisations transform their leadership, culture and strategy through designed solutions and impactful experiences.

In addition to traditional coaching, Els uses a variety of methodologies. She is a certified Action Learning Coach, through which she applies an experiential approach to advance social leadership skills while solving complex business challenges.
She is certified to run Hogan Leadership Assessments and Digital Mapping by which she helps teams to transition towards a digital business model.

With her deep corporate background she brings an authentic business perspective that looks at people challenges holistically. She is driven by making change and transition land successfully, focusing on learning as a way of life, leading to impact as an end result.

Els was one of the co-founders of HR Community, an HR Industry Association in Italy, through which she has developed a broad network of thought leadership in the innovation sphere of Human Resources.

Els currently lives in Rome & Dublin and works globally. She enjoys running, travelling across the globe and spending time with her son Thomas and daughter Julie who are both at university.