“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nia


Jackie works alongside CEO’s and senior leaders of global organisations helping them to do the tough work of change. Through her own authentic, insightful and engaging style combined with a career spanning twenty-five years spent in both leadership and advisory roles, Jackie advises on this often challenging journey by enabling each member of the team to play to their strengths to achieve the business outcome that is needed.

Jackie’s work is shaped by the belief that the answers to most questions and dilemmas lie within the minds of leaders and their teams within organisations. So her approach focuses on enabling and surfacing the crucial questions that lead to new opportunities and growth in the current dynamic economy. She is a strong advocate for team members playing to their strengths and teams taking both collective and individual accountability to deliver the business agenda.

Jackie’s passion is to build capability in the teams she is working, which includes:

  • Understanding at a deep level your change needs and desires, helping you to articulate these in compelling, practical language and business outcomes.
  • Determining the change approach that will best fit most of your business strategy and values.
  • Building alignment and shared vision for change at global and local levels which is prone to ‘splitting’ due to the anxiety of leaders carrying extreme complexity and responsibility.
  • Working alongside the business management process to help you make the tough change decisions and navigate how they get best implemented.
  • Peer and personal coaching to bring out your best self which has a transforming effect on those around you.
  • Determining the unique work that your team and no other can do, enabling you to focus on your agenda and work in high leverage areas. which often means having tough conversations with fellow board members.

Prior to setting up her own consultancy in 2013, Jackie led a number of ‘transforming’ business projects across FTSE clients. She also was Global People Leader for the PwC Tax practice wide, leading initiatives across countries which resulted in improving revenue growth and engagement at all levels.

Jackie is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and an accredited coach by Henley Business School. She is also a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. She believes in practicing what she preaches and works with her own coach to ensure she is at her best in the work she delivers for clients.