“Even if I knew the world would end tomorrow, I’d plant a small tree today.”


Vicky King specialises in organisational analysis and development. She has a Masters of Science in Organisational Behaviour and has extensive experience globally in supporting senior executive teams develop their leadership agendas based on their organisation’s strategic needs. Vicky was previously the Asia Pacific Regional Head of Organisational Development & Change for a major multinational FTSE 100 company. She has worked in a variety of different roles, including in-market roles in Australia, UK, Ukraine and Pakistan, as well as Asia Pacific regional and global roles. She is also an established keynote speaker in Talent and Learning strategies.

Vicky’s approach involves a unique approach of strategy development and team facilitation. She analyses the organisation in terms of both business and people strategy to help organisations identify what needs they may have in the areas of culture, change, talent, leadership and teams. She then works with senior teams to design and develop solutions to these, and in turn delivers these throughout the organisation.

Vicky work is fuelled by a belief that organisations deserve more business-focussed OD support. Her philosophy is that strategy is nothing without the people to deliver it. But equally, it is important for organisations to be able to measure the effectiveness of their people in their delivery. She therefore supports her clients in linking people strategy to business strategy, and identifying hard measures to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy.

Prior to her work in OD, Vicky worked extensively in brand management. She speaks five languages and holds an MA from Oxford University. Due to her unique combination of HR and Marketing expertise, she has a particular passion for employment brand development, using classic consumer brand methodologies and cultural diagnostics. She also has an interest in gender and completed her thesis around femininity and career progression.

Vicky has travelled extensively, including trekking with gorillas in Rwanda and diving with great whites in South Africa! However she is now a settled citizen of Australia, dabbling in permaculture and playing soccer for her local team!