Nina Chatrath

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Evy Severino

Are You Small-Talk Challenged? Northern Connection Magazine, April 2014
“How to Keep your Staff from Getting Restless”, Pittsburgh Business Times, October 11, 2013
Quoted in “I Now Pronounce You Career Woman And Job! How To Detect When You’re Married To Your Work,” MadamNoire Online, April 11, 2013

Michelle DeAngelis

“Get A Life That Doesn’t Suck” (Rodale, 2008) This book is an engaging and irreverent guide to creating a joyful life by making conscious choices, taking personal responsibility and aligning one’s actions with one’s beliefs. Through humor and real-life examples in the workplace and at home, DeAngelis explains how readers can reduce their stress, improve their outlook, and get rid of whatever is holding them back. She provides the building blocks for readers to make joy a repeatable by-product of living one’s life in integrity, by reducing the preventable problems and handling those difficult, unforeseeable problems with grace and equanimity.
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Wendy Wand Chua – Sullivan

“All Kids R Gifted” is a 20-book series based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence, with parenting guides to help parents nurture values such as patience, compassion and confidence. Published in 2002 by Marshall Cavendish. This is Wendy’s hobby and interest, to share her knowledge of psychology and 19-year parenting experience with other parents.
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“Inspiring young people to inspire others”, July 2017, The Business Times (+ more)

Daniela Thomas

“Thank God it’s Monday- utopian?”
HR Today – Know how for tomorrow
Online magazine in Switzerland
Published 8 Feb 2017
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